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Get Confident in 6 weeks

Family Mealtimes Mini Series Your quick-start guide to food, bodies and school lunches

This is a 6 week course (next round starting July28th 2024) for parents with at least one school aged child. Consider it your round up of all things school lunchboxes, healthy eating, body image and setting your child up with lifelong positive foundations. 

But as with anything I offer, this is everything you need, and none of what you don’t. I know you’re busy with extracurricular drop offs and making dinner and weekend sport and well, life. You don’t have the time or energy for anything too hard. Or too boring.

This kickstart program gives you all the important info at your fingertips, in an easy way to read and watch. It’s got pep, it’s got style, it’s got practical lunchbox ideas and it’s based on the science. No rubbish here.

Think of it as a paediatric dietitian with you every step of the way, answering all your questions and giving you loads of support and ideas.

Family Mealtimes Mini Series So what does it include?

  • A new topic each week for 6 weeks (starting 11/2/24), to work through at your own pace (we envision 15-30 mins per week). This is the learning part, and you can take what you need from this. Everything is punchy and evidence based.
  • Two live chats with Dr Kyla every week, one to get you started with the content and one to answer all of your questions.
  • A weekly menu drop each week of the course, giving you access to over 40 of the Family Mealtimes best loved recipes
  • A Dr Kyla lunchbox sticker (posted anywhere in Australia)
  • Family Mealtimes Top 5 recipes ebook
FMT mini series

Family Mealtimes Mini Series What will I learn?

This course is your cheatsheet of everything mealtimes and bodies for your family. The lessons are bite sized, interesting and above all, practical!

  • Week 1: Lunchboxes (starting 11/2/24)

    How and what to pack in a lunchbox, what to do if your kids don’t eat it, simple lunchbox inspiration, troubleshooting, tips and tricks.

  • Week 2: Raising an adventurous eater

    A practical guide to helping your child learn to like new foods and overcome fussiness, while you stay sane and cook one meal for the whole family.

  • Week 3: Family meals

    Using the power of family meals to help your children learn about new foods, and develop positive eating skills for life, without the need for battles at the dinner table (except between siblings, we’re not that magical!)

  • Week 4: Body image

    Giving our children a good relationship with their bodies, by learning how to talk about bodies in a helpful way and unlearning things you’ve thought about bodies and size.

  • Week 5: Nutrition

    How to make room for all foods, nourish your family plus our most recommended family foods from the supermarket.

  • Week 6: Schools

    How to support your child’s eating at school and advocate for evidence-based, positive change in your primary school (if you have the energy).

  • Sneak previews of member content

    Covering some of the biggest childhood challenges like constipation and low iron.

  • Plus a Class Party

    Extra chat time with Kyla and the Mealtimes team to address all the questions you’ve since thought of!

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