Support, inspiration and recipes Take the stress out of feeding your whole family

Join the movement to empower our kids to build A better relationship with food and their bodies

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We've heard from thousands of parents about the challenges they face feeding their family:

  • I just want them to eat good food
  • I’m worried about the unhelpful messages my kids receive about food
  • I want my kids to feel better about their body than I do
  • I hate having to make three dinners to suit everyone’s preferences
  • I want someone else to think of what’s for dinner
  • I’m tired of stressing over what to put in the lunchbox
  • I’m not sure where to get help that will suit the realities (and chaos) of family life
  • I need an expert I can trust, to help me work out how to do it best for my own family

You’re not alone. We’re here to make this

Family mealtimes is an online membership designed to help you feel good about what you feed your family, and help your kids to feel confident about food and their body.

We know the feeling Does this sound like you?


Dreading Dinner?

Are you sick of constantly having to think about what to feed your family? Tempted to throw the lunchbox across the room?


Catering for Different Tastes?

Do you feel like you need to make 5 different meals to suit everyone? Are you sick of the whinging? 


Always Worrying?

Do you struggle with knowing what foods to offer your family? Are you scared you might say the wrong thing in conversations about food and bodies?

Ready to join the family? Choose your best fit

Let us lighten the load.


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$130 per year

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Taste test Monthly Membership

$29 per month

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Full access for all memberships What's included?


Weekly Menu

We're taking the mental load out of choosing what to have for dinner. Access our easy, family-friendly recipes, tailored to kids who are still learning to like all kinds of foods.


Expert Advice

Feeding experts on hand to answer all your questions. We have support for navigating fussy eating, understanding food and nutrition, and building body confidence.


Tips & Tricks

Bite-sized chunks of practical information, designed for busy parent brains, without the faff.


Member Community

A safe space to ask questions, share your stories and get inspired. Our feeding experts will always respond to your questions.


Food Advice

Packed full of tasty recipes, advice, inspiration and easy to understand product guides.


Lunchbox Inspo

Are you at the end of your tether trying to think of ideas for the lunchbox? We've got you covered with over 100 lunchbox ideas and tips for planning what to pack.


Paediatric Dietitian Dr Kyla Smith

I’m here to help you feed your family well, without the overwhelm. I have a PhD in childhood weight management and over 15 years experience working with restrictive eaters in both my clinic and online programs. I’m also a Mum of two girls, Elsie and Cleo, and I know the struggle today’s parents have with navigating limited time, information overwhelm, picky eaters and societal expectations.

Paediatric Dietitian Dr Gemma Coleman


It’s been a thrill to watch Kyla transform the landscape of feeding services for families of young children. I’m so excited to bring my passion for changing the way we approach food and bodies to this next Mealtimes adventure.

I believe every person should get the support they need to eat well, feel comfortable in their bodies, and love all kinds of food.

Dr Gemma Coleman

Family Mealtimes helps take the stress out of feeding your whole family