Do you want your child to eat a variety of foods, without a fight?

Do you want your child to live peacefully in their body, without worrying about their size?

Do you want to nourish your family, without a side-serve of guilt?

Do you want experts to answer all of your mealtime questions, without the hefty price tag?

Do you want to be part of a like-minded member community?

Welcome to Family Mealtimes!

We’ve created this program to take the stress out of feeding your children throughout their years at primary school.

Our team of feeding experts is here to provide positive and practical support as you navigate school lunchboxes, fussy eating, family meals and the impact of diet culture in your child’s life.

Full access for all memberships Whats included?

You can join Family Mealtimes for as long as you like. The membership features everything you love from Baby Mealtimes and Toddler Mealtimes, plus a whole lot more!

Helping you feel good about feeding your family:

  • A weekly menu, to take the mental load out of deciding what to feed your family
  • Dr Kyla’s guide to lunchboxes, with over 100 food ideas
  • Food and nutrition tips and advice
  • How-to-choose guides to help you shop
  • Food ideas for kids who are still learning like all sorts of foods, but that you will actually want to make and eat
  • A gallery of veggie sides
  • Recipes, recipes and more recipes!

Helping your kids to feel confident about food and their body:

  • The Family Mealtimes Strategy - your quick-start guide to our approach
  • Practical strategies to help fussy eaters who find new food challenging
  • Support to make one meal that will actually work for everyone
  • A new way of looking at healthy eating for kids, to protect them from disordered eating
  • Guidance to help your children feel comfortable in their bodies now and for the rest of their life
  • Answers to common questions on all kinds of topics
  • A safe space to reflect on the unhelpful things you may have been taught about food and bodies

A community of like-minded parents, supported by a team of feeding experts:

  • Access to our member-only Family Mealtimes Facebook group, where every question gets answered
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with Dr Kyla and Dr Gemma
  • New member videos and posts dropping regularly

Ready to join the family? Choose your best fit

Let us lighten the load.


$218 saving Annual Membership

$130 per year

Change or cancel any time*


$22 saving Quarterly Membership

$65 per quarter

Change or cancel any time*


Taste test Monthly Membership

$29 per month

Change or cancel any time*

*Changes come into effect at the end of each billing cycle.

We know you’re busy, so everything is presented in small, bite-sized chunks and our team is on hand to support you.

You’ll also get access to the Family Mealtimes private Facebook group where you can:

  • Ask our team of experts any questions you have about feeding children
  • Get support from families experiencing the same challenges as you
  • Join live monthly Q&A sessions with Dr Kyla and Dr Gemma

Ours is a service designed to make life easier.

We’re here to help you to feel confident and relaxed about feeding your kids, so you can enjoy mealtimes as a family. We can’t wait for you to join us.